Bauer Supreme 3S Pro - Intermediate

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The Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Skate is designed for the elite hockey player who wants a skate built for pure power and at an affordable price! Not to mention, the 3S Pro features the new Performance Fit System that offers options for all players including those with low, medium, and high foot profiles! Read more about the Performance Fit System here.

For the first time in this Supreme Line, the 3S Pro showcases Bauer's premium 3D-Last Curv Composite boot. This advanced material is among the best in terms of weight, responsiveness, and thermoforming. While the 3D-lasting construction process creates incredible step-in comfort and fit, the new asymmetrical toe box enhances the foot-to-skate connection.

With this Supreme Line built for the power skater, Bauer included two more key features just for this mission. The flexible Reflex tendon guard allows for a complete stride extension so you can squeeze out every ounce of power especially at the peak of the stride. The new LS Pulse runners aren't just higher-grade steel with a significantly more consistent construction, they include Pro Sharp's Quad-Profile for better ice contact and overall stability.