Bauer X-LP Hockey Ice Skates - Youth

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The Bauer X-LP youth skate is for the learn-to-play consumer that is looking for some upgrades and a little more durability than the X-LS skate.

Runners have an easy-to-balance 13ft Radius

Tradition lacing system

Fleece liner for warmth and comfort when purchasing a new pair of hockey skates, it is important to focus on fit. If you're unsure which skate line or model fits your foot best, or if you want an accurate measurement and assessment, visit your local Pure Hockey. Providing clear feature upgrades for the learn-to-play consumer, the X-LP skate is designed and engineered for the player who is a little more serious about the game of hockey, but more because of the fun the game delivers on. This line features a warmer, more comfortable fleece liner, added protection and comfort to the tongue, a traditional hockey lacing look, and feel, and an easy-to-balance on a 13 ft. radius.