CCM Ribcor 49K Composite Hockey Stick Jr

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CCM Ribcor 49K Composite Hockey Stick weighs in at 450 grams. The 49K utilizes Popmatrix Technology in its construction, wherein performance fibers are constantly in tension for a quick and efficient power transfer and loading of the puck while being protected by the outer layers. The blade/hosel utilizes the Ascent Blade technology, which is a new, optimized stiffness profile that goes from soft(er) in the heel to extra stiff at the toe for a great combination of feel and quick release. The 49K further features a high loading ratio via a Power Taper Ration of 3:1! Essentially, this means players can expect more vertical stiffness and less energy wasted from butt to hosel. Low Kick point for easy to load plays as well as a quick and surprising release.