CCM RibCor 76K - Senior

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The CCM RibCor 76K Skates is the definition of a bang-for-your-buck product since they are fully loaded with performance, comfort, and fit features that are usually reserved for top-end skates. The RocketFrame Composite boot is the standout feature for any skate at this price point, it delivers the stiffness and stability needed for highly-skilled maneuvers and fits better than ever right out of the box.

Comfort and protection were another focus point for CCM this year. The top of the feet are well protected by the thick, pro-inspired felt tongue that even has extra foams for extra padding. Internally, the 76K boasts the same ADPT Ankle Foams as the 80K. What does this mean? Aside from the skate wrapping around the foot as comfortably as a pillow could, it helps to keep the feet locked in and secure all game long.

Since CCM is using their featherlight but stiff RocketFrame Composite boot, they wanted to make sure it wouldn't dig into the ankles as a result. The 76K features extensive Contour Pro collar pads that prevent any painful rubbing during cornering or stopping.

Last but not least, the RibCor 76K debuts CCM's exciting new SpeedBlade XS Holder. In case you damage or break your steel, you can easily use the BladeLock Mechanical Dial System that lets you disengage the steel from the holder in seconds, keeping you on the ice and off the bench.