Bauer X300R Roller Hockey Skates - Youth

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Whether your heading down to a local sport court or playing some good old fashioned street hockey, there's something to be said for playing hockey in shorts on a beautiful day. These inline skates from Bauer also provide an excellent platform for players to practice throughout the off-season, while enjoying doing so.  

The Hi-Lo Chassis is among the best available in terms of simulating the stance players use when skating on ice, enabling you to work on your stride away from the rink. The chassis is outfitted with Bauer's street hardness wheels, meaning they won't get chewed up outside like their softer-gripper counterparts. The thermo-moldable boot and 1 piece felt tongue allow for a snug and comfortable fit; while the tech nylon quarter package is durable enough to hold up to pavement, with a reinforced abrasion guard to protect your skates high wear areas on the outer toe. 

If you can't get your fill at the rink, maybe it's time to take your game to the streets!