TRUE AX9 Sr Stick

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Introducing the TRUE AX9 hockey stick, new for 2020. TRUE has made the AX9 into an extremely high performing stick, improving in key areas to reduce weight, improve durability and provide an overall better product. 

  • FiberShield for durability 
  • BRT+ Blade Tech for increased heel strength 
  • SmartPly for impact strength and balance
  • Axenic Tech for a true one-piece build

When purchasing a new hockey stick, there are many factors to consider ensuring you get the best model for your level and style of play. To start, it is important to focus on kick point. Finding the right kick point for your game will help take your shot, and your overall on-ice performance, to the next level. If you’re unsure which kick point suits you best, or you’re looking for an accurate assessment, visit your local Pure Hockey.

The TRUE AX9 features a low kick point, a flex point that will be found throughout the A-Series line of sticks. This low-kick build is designed to give you a lightning-quick release and unmatched speed because the stick is easier to load. Having the flex point near the hosel in the bottom third of the shaft allows for effortless energy transfer. 

The shaft itself is constructed with SmartPly technology. This build angels the carbon fibers in a unique way so that there are 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber in a single shaft. SmartPly is the perfect marriage of lightweight, balance and impact strength. 

Helping the AX9 in the durability category is TRUE’s FiberShield advanced resin system. This technology allows for low-density nanoparticles throughout the shaft and blade. The formula is designed to equally distribute particles throughout the stick, making the AX9 balanced in both stiffness and weight. Because of FiberShield, the AX9 is 39% stronger and 5% lighter than its predecessor. The senior-level stick weighs in at 393 grams. 

TRUE has made the most notable improvements in the blade construction. New to the 2020 AX9 is BRT+ technology, engineered to create a stronger, lighter blade with increased durability in the heel. This model will outperform the prevues generation in both strength and consistency. 

Topping off the AX9 is  Axenic Technology that combines a compression-molded shaft into a true one-piece stick. This seamless build puts the player's hands in direct contact with the puck for unmatched control and feel.

The AX9 is a true high performance, pro-level stick designed with the most advanced technologies TRUE has ever put into their sticks. The AX9  is a real upgrade over the previous generation and is a fantastic option for any player looking for an industry-leading, high performing hockey stick.