True Catalyst 5X Intermediate Stick

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Introducing the Catalyst 5X Stick from TRUE Hockey new for 2021. This stick has been engineered for strength, designed for control, and has greater impact strength. 

  • Comes in at 430 grams; 70 grams lighter than the XC5 stick
  • Mid kick that allows for maximum energy loading for effortless power
  • Precision Laminate Design in the shaft to help decrease weight
  • PASS blade core foam for a stiffer, stronger, more stable blade

When purchasing a new hockey stick, there are many factors to consider ensuring you get the best model for your level and style of play. To start, it is important to focus on kick point. Finding the right kick point for your game will help take your shot, and your overall on-ice performance, to the next level. If you’re unsure which kick point suits you best, or you’re looking for an accurate assessment, visit your local Pure Hockey.

The True Catalyst 5X Stick with its powerful mid-kick point delivers high-end tech, spec and feel without the big price tag. True was able to shed 70 grams of weight compared to the previous 2019 XC5 stick, making it just 430 grams (85 flex) without sacrificing durability in the least.

The blade of the 5X stick features two new technologies: Braided Aramid Technology (BAT) and Performance Advanced Strengthening System (PASS). Unlike the previous carbon fiber tube reinforcement, the new Aramid tubes allow True to keep the signature soft, damp blade feel while reducing weight. The new PASS blade core foam makes the blade stiffer, stronger and more stable. 

The shaft of the Catalyst 5X stick has Precision Laminate Design (PLD) which drastically reduces weight through an advanced layering without sacrificing durability. 

The Catalyst 5X is a competitive level stick designed with good technologies but at a much lower price point than the top-end Catalyst 7X or 9X. The Catalyst 5X has great accuracy and is a fantastic option for any player looking for a hockey stick with some top technologies.