True Project X Grip Sr Hockey Stick

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Introducing the Project X Stick from TRUE Hockey, new for 2021 and available while supplies last. This limited release stick has been overhauled by TRUE to be the lightest and easiest loading stick the hockey industry has ever seen. Featuring a revolutionary layering process the Project X weighs in at an incredible 355 grams!

  • Precision Laminate Design (PLD) layering process to reduce weight without sacrificing impact strength.
  • Axenic Tech for a true one-piece build.
  • BRT+ Blade Tech for increased heel strength.
  • Low kick point for quick release.

The new Project X stick from TRUE is the lightest stick on the market at 355 grams for the senior model. Thanks to a new layering process the engineers at TRUE Hockey were able to reduce the weight of the Project X while maintaining impact resistance. Precision Laminate Design, or PLD, is the technology that features up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber in a single shaft, and the fiber angles are exactingly fine-tuned. Optimizing the arrangement of this ultra-lightweight carbon fiber, the engineers at TRUE were able to both reduce the weight and increase the strength of the Project X.

Though PLD is the most advanced technology on the Project X stick it is certainly not the only one. The Project X Stick is built with high end technologies that it shares with the AX9 model. TRUE uses the same Axenic technology to mold the shaft and blade seamlessly in one-piece for the best possible puck feel while stick handling, shooting and receiving a pass. The Project X stick also has the BRT+ blade that combines with the low kick point to provide effortless shot loading and a quick release to add speed to your snap shot and wrist shot. 

The TRUE Project X Stick is a limited edition stick that is built with pro-inspired features for the elite-level hockey player. If you are looking for the lightest stick on the market that features a low kick point and effortless loading, as well as strong impact resistance, check out the TRUE Project X.