Bauer LS3 Edge Steel Goalie

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The Bauer LS3 Edge Steel is a great replacement steel choice in steel for players wearing Tuuks LS2 Edge holders. The trigger system guarantees players the fastest emergency change time possible. Additionally, these blades also feature a higher profile, allowing for a tighter turning radius and more sharps before they're spent.

Bauer TUUK Holder/Runner Sizing Chart
Bauer Skate Size D Width Skate
EE Width Skate
1 212mm 212mm
1.5 212mm 212mm
2 221mm 221mm
2.5 221mm 221mm
3 230mm 230mm
3.5 230mm 230mm
4 238mm 238mm
4.5 238mm 238mm
5 246mm 246mm
5.5 246mm 254mm
6 254mm 254mm
6.5 254mm 263mm
7 263mm 263mm
7.5 263mm 272mm
8 272mm 272mm
8.5 272mm 280mm
9 280mm 280mm
9.5 280mm 288mm
10 288mm 288mm
10.5 288mm 296mm
11 296mm 296mm
11.5 296mm 306mm
12 306mm 306mm
13 306mm 306mm
14 322mm 322mm
15 322mm 322mm