Hockey Montage Painted Pastime

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Hockey Montage Letter Tiles - Unique hockey images of letters on tiles spelling out "HOCKEY". Perfect for anyone who loves the game of hockey! This will add a great conversation piece to any room.

Our exclusively designed cool hockey letters are 3" x 3" x .25" are slid into our one of a kind grooved base and are glued down so they won't fall out.

You can also personalize this and create any name with our hockey letter tiles.

This also makes a great coach gift. You can choose the "COACH" one or make it even more personalized by adding the coach's name. See the example in the extra photos of COACH JONES.

Check out all of the extra photos to see more name examples and our quick video to get a better look at this high quality unique item.

This will be your favorite gift you to give:)

You can choose from 4 of our hockey words or create your own custom name:
"HOCKEY" - Sign
"COACH" - Sign
"GOALIE" - Sign
"LOVE" - Sign

Signs sit nicely on a shelf, dresser, bookcase, table or just about anywhere. These are not made to hang on the wall.

Sign Sizes:
2 - 4 Letter Name/Word - 3.5" x 12"
5 - 6 Letter Name/Word - 3.5" x 18"
7 - 8 Letter Name/Word - 3.5" x 30"
9 -10 Letter Name/Word - 3.5" x 36"
11-12 Letter Name/Word - 3.5" x 42"
13-14 Letter Name/Word - 3.5" x 48"

If your name has an even number of letters, it will fit in the grooved base edge to edge. If your name as an odd number of letters, it will have a little space on either end.

Get creative... first name, last name (or both), nick name, name of team...

If you want two names/words add 1 to the length of both words to account for the space in between the words. For example: COACH JONES the letter count would be 10 plus 1 for the space = 11

Just choose the appropriate amount of letters in the drop down menu and let us know the name in the notes section.