Mission RH Inhaler WM03 RH - Jr

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The Mission RH Inhaler WM03 inline skate offers top innovation to the player looking for a performance-level inline model with great features found throughout the skate, from the boot to the wheels.

  • Reinforced true-form tech PU quarter for good stiffness
  • Asymmetrical Toe Cap
  • Labeda Union Wheels
  • HI-LO Aluminum chassis for a balance of speed and control

Mission has matched this performance level-model with high-end wheels, giving the WM03 a boost in skating features. The WM03 comes with Labeda Union wheels which are built for the player who enjoys a fast wheel with great stopping power. Mission accomplishes this by using a large injection molded core for flat out speed, and a soft compression apex ring for maximum grip and unmatched edge to edge feel. 

These wheels are partnered with the HI-LO Aluminum chassis. This frame gives you a unique skating angle, with two 76-mm wheels in the front and two 80-mm wheels in the back, allowing you to get the benefits of both small and large wheels at the same time.

The WM03 includes Mission’s true-form tech PU quarter package. This boot includes new quarter ventilation and an abrasion guard, offering you a dry and lightweight feel as well as added protection, comfort, and stiffness. The boot also includes a felt liner and has a thermo-adjustable upper, giving you the feel, you’re looking for from a skate at this price point. 

If you’re a performance-level inline player, the Inhaler WM03 proves to have the proper boot stiffness, skating profile, and technological features to fit your game.