OLS Organic Raw Sprouted Sour Cream & Chive Cashews

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Our "Sour Cream" and Chive cashews are savory, creamy and yes indeed vegan! They're seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder, chives, scallions & pink sea salt for an irresistible flavor combination you'll love. They're the perfect afternoon snack or addition to your crudite platter at your next party.

Better Than Raw, and Never RoastedI

It's a 3 to 4 day process, but it's a labor of love! We soak our nuts in triple-filtered water to activate live enzymes (making them easier to digest) and then dehydrate them at very low temperatures to protect the integrity of their vital nutrients.  The result? A light, airy, crunchy texture...perfection in flavor and nutrition.


Sprouted Cashews: Cashews are packed with vitamins and minerals, but we especially love them for their dietary fiber. They're also loaded with heart-healthy fatty acids!

Coconut Vinegar: Did you know the coconut tree produces a nutrient-rich "sap" that's beaming with health benefits? We love boosting flavor with coconut vinegar, which is actually derived from the sap of the coconut tree. Since it's raw and naturally aged for more than 6 months, it's enzymatically alive and contains all 9 essential amino acids!  

INGREDIENTS:  Sprouted cashews*, sesame tahini*, extra virgin olive oil*, coconut vinegar*, garlic powder*, onion powder*, pink crystal salt, chives*, scallions*  (*indicates organic ingredient)


  • Satisfies cravings for cheesy sour cream & chive chips!
  • Rich in dietary fiber & heart-healthy fatty acids
  • Contains nutrient-rich coconut vinegar for added flavor & health benefits
  • SPROUTED for optimal health benefits


May contain occasional nut shell fragment.