Sherwood Rekker M60 - Youth

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The Sherwood Rekker M60 Elbow Pads are perfect for the brand new player looking for affordable and lightweight protection. Designed with a fit that stays close-to-the-body, the M60's feature thick internal foams that comfortably rest against the elbow to provide a cushion when taking a spill onto the ice. Taking the brunt of the force is a hard plastic elbow cap, which will do a great job of protecting the elbow from contact with the ice, boards, or sticks.

Two-Piece construction allows the bicep and elbow to hinge properly for a full range of motion. Two elastic straps, including one of which zig-zags over the forearm, lock down the elbow into the pocket so protection stays in place throughout the game. Ultra-Fresh Technology is directly built into the moisture-wicking liner to prevent unwanted odors by preventing the bacteria that causes them.

  • Model Number: 10121935
  • Heritage: Rekker EK 5
  • Level of Play Guideline: Recreational


  • Bicep:
    • Single-density foam
  • Elbow Cap:
    • Molded plastic elbow cap
      • High-level of protection to key impact area
      • Lined with thick foam for added comfort and impact absorption
  • Forearm:
    • Single-density foam
      • Lightweight protection that guards against slashes
  • Liner:
    • Moisture-wicking microfiber
      • Manages sweat and moisture
      • Soft and comfortable
    • Ultra-Fresh Technology
      • Prevents the growth of bacteria that causes odors for longer lasting freshness
  • Strapping:
    • Two-strap system
      • 1.5" elastic bicep guard strap
      • 1" elastic crossover forearm strap
    • Designed to keep the elbow comfortable and secure in the pocket
  • Fit:
    • Anatomical fit
      • Contouring design for responsive fit and optimal mobility
    • Two-piece construction
      • Hinged bicep allows freedom of movement
  • Weight:
    • 152 grams (Based on a JR LG)