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The Smarthockey 3oz MINI Speed Ball helps players develop lightning quick, soft hands. At 2.8 oz (79 g), the MINI is less than half the weight of an ice hockey puck and it’s slightly smaller than a golf ball (but doesnít bounce like one). It’s a more durable, “true feel” version of a wooden “Swedish” stickhandling ball. In other words, IT DOESN’T BREAK, IT’S HEAVY ENOUGH TO FEEL ON YOUR STICK AND IT ROLLS FASTER. It’s just BETTER. The patented MINI 2-piece dynamic core technology combines an ultra durable Surlyn shell with proprietary core found in the ORIGINAL. The solid core covered by a Surlyn shell eliminates any pliancy or "smushing" of the ball between the stick and the training surface. The combination of the Surlyn shell and the weight (2.8 oz or 79 g) makes the MINI roll faster than a puck slides on a clean sheet of ice. The proprietary core matches the “dull” bounce of a puck’s vulcanized rubber. Warm up before games and practices or train in your garage, basement, on a tennis court, basketball court, paved street or driveway. As the name suggests, it’s the only ball players can use for stickhandling, shooting and passing drills.

DEVELOP LIGHTNING QUICK, SOFT HANDS: Ever wonder why the Swedes are so good at stickhandling? Have you ever heard of a Swedish Stickhandling Ball? Well if you haven’t, it’s basically a small wooden ball that you can get at any craft shop. The Smarthockey MINI Speed Ball is just a better more durable evolution of the Swedish Stickhandling Ball. Use the MINI Ball to work on puck extension, quick side-to-side, puck rotation and toe-drags to see rapid improvement in your hand speed and feel.

ROLLS FASTER THAN A PUCK SLIDES ON ICE: Believe it or not our MINI Speed Ball rolls faster than a puck slides on ice. So, if you are practicing “puck extension” or “long toe-drags” your hands will become super quick. The secret is the combination of our Surlyn shell and our 2-piece dynamic core technology. Together the MINI Speed Ball’s shell is smooth enough to roll over any surface and its core has enough mass, 2.8oz, to accelerate as you stickhandle.

PATENTED 2-PIECE DYNAMIC CORE TECHNOLOGY: Unlike wooden speedballs that are one-piece wooden balls that you can get at any craft store, the Smarthockey MINI Speed Ball uses the same patented 2-piece Dynamic Core Technology that you’ll find in our original Smarthockey Training Ball.  Not only is does our ball have the same dead feel as an ice hockey puck, but it’s also is heavy enough at 2.8oz to feel on your stick which matters when you’re working at making your hands lightning fast.

WARM UP BEFORE GAMES OR PRACTICES; TRAIN ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: When you use the MINI Speed Ball in combination with original Smarthockey Training Ball for 5 minutes before games and practices you’re increasing the amount of time you’ll touch the puck on the ice by an almost 15X. Using the balls together will develop your hand speed and muscle memory. And since they are balls (not pucks), you can use them on rubber mats, carpets, smooth cement, sidewalks, streets, garages and basement floors.

BETTER THAN WOOD BALL: Do you know why they sell wooden stickhandling balls in 5-packs? Because they break. The Smarthockey MINI Ball has the same Surlyn shell and patented 2-piece core technology used in our original Smarthockey Training Ball. So it doesn’t break, it’s heavier and it has the same dead feel as a puck. It’s just better! Oh, in case you were wondering, we sell them in 3-packs so you don’t have to crawl under the car if you mess up or so you can share with your brothers.